Character Select Screens

Selecting a character for Arcade Mode, Network Mode, etc. will bring the player to the Character Select screen.

Directional buttons/Left stick
Move the Cursor
A Button
B Button

There is the regular "Technical type" and the supportive style "stylish type".

•Character colors can be chosen after a character is selected.
•Stage and BGM can be selected after both players pick their characters (in some modes).

Control Type: Stylish

Control type: Stylish makes it easier for fighting game beginners to easily unleash special attack moves and combos.
With Control Type: Stylish, you don’t need complicated inputs: you can easily perform special attacks and Distortion Drives by just inputting a directional button (←、↓、→, etc.) and SP button.

Stylish Mode

  1. Combo by tapping the same button.
  2. Drive moves can be activated with SP button alone.
  3. Auto use barrier guard.

Button Settings

You can adjust the button placements in BUTTON SETTINGS.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.

*The game screenshots displayed are from a game still in development, and subject to change.