You can perform various actions using directional inputs and buttons.
Here we will introduce some of the signature actions and battle mechanics.
Instructions on other actions and battle mechanics can be found in the in-game tutorial.


A + B + C + D


Power up certain special abilities for a certain amount of time.
Activating Overdrive will change the Overdrive icon, and a purple bar will appear. This gauge will decrease over time, ending Overdrive when it is empty.
The length of Overdrive will extend the less life gauge you have. The time limit also stops during Overdrive.
After Overdrive is finished, a number will appear on the Overdrive icon. When this number reaches 10, you can use Overdrive again.
The count increases over time, as well as by taking damage. However, during Active Flow, the count speeds up.

Exceed Accel

In Overdrive A + B + C + D

Exceed Accel

Exceed Accel is a powerful attack that can be used during overdrive. Overdrive will end after use.
Activating during Active Blow will change its animation, and its effects will be enhanced.

Active Flow

Active Flow

You may enter Active Flow state by taking aggressive actions, such as landing attacks and consuming Heat Gauge. During this state you gain bonuses, such as increase damage, and reduced Overdrive cooldown.

Action that counts as being active

Barrier Guard

←(guarding direction)+ A + B

This move depletes your Barrier gauge in exchange for a slightly stronger guard.
Using the Barrier Block has certain advantages, such as blocking attacks that can’t be normally blocked in midair, avoiding chip damage from special attacks, and blocking Crash Trigger.


Neutral or ←(guarding direction)+ B + C

Pressing B + C at the same time near your opponent will execute a Throw on your opponent.
Throws cannot be blocked, but you must be close to your opponent to successfully land one.

Throw Escape

When being grabbed, B + C

If your opponent attempts to perform a Throw on you, pressing B + C the moment you are thrown will allow you to perform a Throw Escape, releasing you from their grasp.

Throw Counter
Counter hit using "Throw."
Throw Reject Miss
Input escape command before being caught by opponent's throw.

Air Tech

When taking damage in the air, hold A, B or C + directional buttons

Recover from hit stun in midair.
You can tech forward if pressing →, and backward if pressing ←.
The timing to which you can perform an Air Tech depends on the attack you received.

Emergency Roll

When down hold A or B or C + directional buttons

Regain balance at the moment of hitting the ground.
There are some attacks that restrict emergency rolls too.


Hold A, B, or C when knocked down(+ ←, →, or Neutral)

Recover from a knocked down position.
While knocked down, you are defenseless against the opponent's attacks.
Combine with directional inputs to get back up in various ways.

Move forward or backward when getting up.
Get up on the spot.
Jump up when getting up.

*Each one has different animation lengths and invincibility frames, so choose them wisely.

Counter Assault

directional buttons + A + B(uses 50 % heat gauge)

This will initiate a counterattack from a blocking stance.
Note that a combo from using this attack cannot finish off your opponent."

Rapid Cancel

When your attack hits or is blocked, press A + B + C(uses 50% Heat Gauge)

Uses 50% of Heat Gauge.
You can cancel the currently active motion, and immediately transition to the next action.

Distortion Drive

Uses 50% of Heat Gauge.
Distortion Drives are super powerful attacks, and each character have their own unique attacks.

Astral Heat

Uses 100% of Heat Gauge. Astral Heats are ultimate attacks that tap into a hidden power of your character. It’s available only when all the conditions shown below are met:

You can activate Astral Heat when the above conditions are met, and your character’s icon is flashing.

Crash Trigger

A + B (uses 25% Heat Gauge)

Use 25% Heat Gauge to break the opponent's guard and render them defenseless for a short time(Guard Crush state).
It can be prevented using Barrier Guard, but holding the button for a while will greatly deplete your opponent's barrier gauge.

Break Burst

A + B + C + D (when hit)

Activating Break Burst will cause your character to emit a shockwave that blows away an opponent.
It can only be used when being hit, and depletes the overdrive icon.

Just Guard

←(in guard direction just before being hit)+ A + B

When Just Guard is performed correctly, your character will glow white.
When you use Just Guard, your character will take less time to recover from the block, making it easier to escape your opponent.
You can also perform Just Guard during Barrier Guard in the same way.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.

*The game screenshots displayed are from a game still in development, and subject to change.