Press <+ Button> or <A Button> to proceed to the Main Menu. Select a mode you’d like to play, and press <A Button> to confirm your selection.

Save Data

Option Screen

This game has an auto save function. The game will automatically save when finishing a battle or changing a setting. You can also save manually in the option menu.

Game Rules

The first to deplete the opponent’s life gauge to 0 wins a round. Winning 2 round will win the match.
(Number of rounds per match can be changed in the options menu)
Time Limit
The time limit is 99 second for each round. When the time is up, the side with more life wins.
(Time limit can be changed in the options menu)
A round will result in a draw if both sides' life gauges reach 0 at the same time, or have equal amounts of life remaining when the time limit reaches 0. In this case, an additional round will be added. If a draw occurs even after the additional round, the match will proceed to the final round immediately. If a draw occurs again at the final round, both sides will lose the match.
In arcade mode, you can press <+ Button> to continue after the Game Over screen.

Pause Menu

Pressing + Button during battle will open the pause menu.
(The options may differ depending on the mode you are playing.)
*During online sessions, the game will not pause even when opening the pause menu.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.

*The game screenshots displayed are from a game still in development, and subject to change.