Platinum the Trinity

Platinum the Trinity


Magical Symphony
Randomly summon a Magical Weapon and equip it.
Once a Magical Weapon is summoned, it can be used to attack a designated number of times.

Over Drive

Magical Heart Catch
Allows the magical weapon to be used as many times as needed.


Angelic Blast
During OD, A+B+C+D

Technical type


Air Persia ↓↘→+A(midair also)
 ▷ Follow-up Attack A or B or C during Air Persia(three times)
Mami Circular ↓↘→+B or C
Dream Sally ↓↙←+A or B or C
Swallow Moon ↓↘→+C in midair
Dramatic Sammy ←↙↓↘→+D
Mystic Momo ↓↙←+D while Magical Weapon is equipped
Happy Magika ↓ charge ↑+C
Fallen Melody While the opponent is down, ↓↓+C(midair also)

Distortion Drive

Cure Dot Typhoon →↘↓↙←→+C(midair also)
Miracle Jeanne ↓↘→↓↘→+D

Astral Heat

Shining Layered Force ↓↘→↓↘→+C(midair also)

Stylish type


Air Persia SP in midair
Mami Circular SP or →+SP
Swallow Moon →+SP in midair
Dramatic Sammy ↓+SP

Distortion Drive

Cure Dot Typhoon ←+SP

* The command table of each character can also be confirmed from the pause menu → command list.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.