Makoto Nanaya

Makoto Nanaya


Holding down the D button will charge up energy, and releasing the button will unleash the charged up energy.
Also, depending on the timing the button was released, the amount of force packed behind the punch will change.

Over Drive

Galaxian Impact
Maintains the Impact gauge at Lv.G


Cygnus Combination
During OD, A+B+C+D

Technical type


Comet Cannon ↓↘→+A
 ▷ Break Shot D during Comet Cannon(delayable)
Corona Upper →↓↘+C(midair also)
 ▷ Meteor Dive D during Corona Upper(delayable)
Asteroid Vision *1 ↓↙←+A
 ▷ Break A while A Asteroid Vision is active
 ▷ Eclipse Turn A while B Asteroid Vision is active
 ▷ Infinite Rush *1 A while C Asteroid Vision is active(repeatable)
  ▷ Mars Chopper A during Infinite Rush
  ▷ Star Gazer B during Infinite Rush
  ▷ Lander Blow D during Infinite Rush(delayable)
 ▷ Cosmic Ray A while D Asteroid Vision is active(delayable)
Asteroid Vision *1 ↓↙←+B or C
 ▷ Lightning Arrow B or C while D Asteroid Vision is active(delayable)
Sirius Jolt ←↙↓↘→+C
Shooting Star ↓↘→+B(also while *1 is used)
Space Counter(Parrying) ↓↙←+D
 ▷ Follow-up Attack D after parrying an attack(delayable)

Distortion Drive

Big Bang Smash →↘↓↙←→+D(delayable)
Particle Flare ↓↘→↓↘→+D(delayable)

Astral Heat

Planet Crusher ↓↘→↘↓↙←+D(delayable)

Stylish type


Corona Upper SP
Asteroid Vision *1 →+SP
Sirius Jolt ↓+SP

Distortion Drive

Particle Flare ←+SP

* The command table of each character can also be confirmed from the pause menu → command list.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.