Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna the Bloodedge


Soul Eater
An attack that absorbs the opponent's life.

Over Drive

Blood Kain IDEA
Enhances Soul Eater Drive attacks.


Seed of Tartaros
During OD Space A+B+C+D
Swings his sword downward. If it hits the opponent, it will knock them back.

Technical type


Hell's Fang ↓↙←+A
 ▷ Additional Attack ↓↙←+D during Hell's Fang
Gauntlet Hades ↓↙←+B(midair also)
 ▷ Spin Kick ↓↙←+D during Gauntlet Hades
Inferno Divider →↓↘+C or D(midair also)
 ▷ Uppercut ↓↘→+C during Inferno Divider
  ▷ Straight Punch ↓↘→+C during Uppercut
  ▷ Ax Kick ↓↙←+D during Uppercut
Dead Spike ↓↘→+D
Blood Scythe ↓↙←+D(midair also)
Nightmare Edge ↓↙←+C in midair
 ▷ Additional Attack ↓↙←+ D during Nightmare Edge
Not Over Yet ↓↓+C while opponent is down

Distortion Drive

Carnage Scissors →↘↓↙←→+D(delayable)
Devoured by Darkness ↓↙←↓↙←+D

Astral Heat

Black Onslaught ↓↙←↙↓↘→+C

Stylish type


Hell's Fang →+SP
Gauntlet Hades →+SP in midair
Inferno Divider SP
Dead Spike ↓+SP
Blood Scythe ←+SP in midair
Nightmare Edge ↓+SP in midair

Distortion Drive

Carnage Scissors ←+SP

* The command table of each character can also be confirmed from the pause menu → command list.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.