Kagura Mutsuki

Kagura Mutsuki


Black Gale
Transitions into his stance.
While in stance, pressing A, B or C will unleash a specific attack.
Further, while in a stance, or during a stance-attack, every other stance can be used during the string.

Over Drive

Infinite Coupling
Eliminates the maximum amount of time on his stance.
As long as the same stance isn't used consecutively, switching stances can be done indefinitely.


Dark Flame of the Bellowing Dragon
During OD A+B+C+D

Technical type


D D(midair also)
 ▷ Dragon Blast A during D
 ▷ Dragon's Claw B during D
 ▷ Dragon Slaughter C during D
↓D ↓D(midair also)
 ▷ Dragon Strike A during ↓D
 ▷ Dragon's Blade B during ↓D
 ▷ Dragon's Dual Strike C during ↓D
→D →D(midair also)
 ▷ Dragon's Fang A during →D
 ▷ Dragon's Mirage B during →D
 ▷ Sky Dragon's Strike C during →D
 ▷ Release ←+D during any type of D stance(midair also)
Dragon Spirit Charge ← then →+A or B
Dragon's Ascent Charge ↓ ↑+B or C
Dragon's Dance In midair or during Dragon's Ascethen D;+C

Distortion Drive

Supreme Dragon's Inferno ←タメ↙↓↘→+C
The Dragon Lord's Striking Fang ↓↑+D during D stances(midair also)

Astral Heat

Black Dragon's Sky-Rending Blade ↓↘→↓↘→+C

Stylish type


Dragon Spirit → or ↓+SP
Dragon's Ascent SP
Dragon's Dance In midair or during Dragon's Ascent, SP

Distortion Drive

Supreme Dragon's Inferno ←+SP

* The command table of each character can also be confirmed from the pause menu → command list.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.