Game Mode List


Tutorial Mode
Learn the basics of a 2D fighting game as well as the unique system of BlazBlue.
Training Mode
Mode where you can train yourself in several situations.
Challenge Mode
Mode where you can attempt mission challenges given to each character.
You can practice entering commands for special attack moves as well as combos.


Enjoy the story of BlazBlue. New scenarios are available.
Glossary of BlazBlue. You can view terminology used in Story Mode.


Arcade Mode
Enjoy the arcade version of BlazBlue.
V.S. Mode
Mode where you can select your favorite character, stage, as well as BGM.
Score Attack Mode
Mode where you fight under regulated settings, and compete for the highest score.
You can register your high score in Ranking.
Grim of Abyss
A dungeon game mode where you defeat enemies one after the other as you power up your Grimoire.
Strive to reach the boss rush dungeon at the lowest level.
Speed Star
Compete for the fastest clear time.
You can register your high score in Ranking.


Replay Theater
Watch battle replays. Manage and replay recorded replay data.
Gallery Mode
Check out CG, videos, voices, and other game items.
Item Shop
Buy voices and game items using in-game currency.

Network Mode

Ranked Match
Engage in battle with players from all over the world to put your skill to the test.
Battle results will be registered in Ranking.
Player Match
Engage in battle with players from all over the world following several rules.
Battle results will not be registered in Ranking.
View the Win Ranking, Score Attack Ranking and etc. here.
Edit D-Code
Edit the player information.
My Room Setting
Edit room settings in Player Match.
Get your customizable VS Plates, Avatars, Avatar Items, Room Items and etc. in this mode.
Player List
Check battle history, and set other players as rivals.


Change setting of the game.

*These button controls are applicable during handheld mode.

*The game screenshots displayed are from a game still in development, and subject to change.