Smart Combo
Repeatedly press □ Button or △ Button.
Performs attacks one after another. Some characters can also do this in midair.
Reversal Action
Press □ Button + ✕ Button simultaneously.
A skill that avoids the opponent's attack and counterattacks.
Normal Throw
Press △ Button + ○ Button on the ground simultaneously to perform an attack that can't be guarded.
You can also throw escape by pressing this when you're grabbed by the opponent.
Clash Assault
○ Button while standing.
Unleashes an attack that can't be guarded while crouching.
Attack with your partner when it hits an opponent on the ground.
Reject Guard
Press the □ Button + ✕ Button simultaneously while guarding.
Consume 1 Skill Gauge to blow the opponent back.
During [Guard] Press the □ Button + ✕ Button button at the same time to activate [Reject Guard].
Distortion Skill
Press specific commands + △ Button + ○ Button simultaneously.
Consume 2 Skill Gauges to perform a very powerful attack.
Duo Change
Press the ✕ Button on the ground.
Swap with your partner. This can also be used during Partner Skills.
Partner Skill
Press the R1 Button.
Your partner will appear and attack.
Pressing ← + R1 or → + R1 will change the attack.
Using this during an attack will consume 50% of the Cross Gauge.
Cross Burst
Press the R1 Button + ✕ Button when hit with an attack.
Consume 100% of the Cross Gauge to make your partner swaps in with an attack.
Distortion Skill Duo
Press the R1 Button during a Distortion Skill.
Consume 2 Skill Gauges, to have your partner perform a Distortion Skill right after you.
Cross Combo
Press the R1 Button + ✕ Button during a Partner Skill.
After activation, your partner will use Partner Skills alongside your character's attacks.
The Cross Gauge gradually empties while the Cross Combo is active, and the Cross Combo will end when it reaches zero.
Resonance Blaze
Press the R1 Button when you're alone.
Unleash your last bit of strength to enter a superpowered state.
You can only use Resonance Blaze once during a match.

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